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What is a cash advance?


A cash advance can be thought of an unsecured loan that is expected to be repaid tot he lender within a short period of time. We require that applicants repay payday loans they’ve borrowed within 30 days.


How long should I wait to receive my loan?


Once you’ve submitted your application for a loan, you are finished. Once your application has been approved, the cash transfer starts and you can expect to see the money within the same day of the application submission.


Should I call to apply?


We operate entirely online, so there is no need to call and apply with us. You can apply by filling out the short and easy-to-use application form on the website. Simply fill the form out in its entirety, agree to the terms and conditions, and then select “Submit.”


Do I need to pay a fee to apply?


We do not charge fees for applying for a loan from us. We don’t believe in assessing more fees than necessary to our applicants who are already financially struggling.


I have a question. How can I contact you?


We understand that questions and concerns might come up as our applicants move through the application process. You can easily get in touch with us by using the contact form on the website. We will respond to each and every matter as quickly as possible, in the order that each has been received.


Is your service safe?


It is very safe to do business with us. We take our customers’ information very securely, and therefore, all customer data is stored safely on secured servers that are manned by highly experienced tech professionals.


Do I need to be employed to get a loan?


We do require that our applicants be able to show proof of some sort of employment before we can approve a loan for transfer. Unlike many other loan companies, however, we do accept applicants that are part-time employed.


What do I do if I’m having trouble repaying my loan?


We understand that issues can arise that can make it difficult to make the payments on an existing loan. The moment you realize that you are having trouble with repaying your loan, you should contact us so that we can work together to arrange a strategy to help.